Paintless Dent Repair and Removal Services

Green Friendly + Insurance Friendly + The Dent Specialist

Precision PDR AKA “Dent Removal Now” has been providing expert dent repair

services for many, many years and is your paintless dent removal specialist in the region.
Our lifetime guaranteed paintless dent repair (PDR) is a green friendly dent repair process which involves the removal of hail dents from a vehicle’s exterior surface panel(s) without disrupting the finish.

Precision PDR’s “Dent Removal Now” Process involves a specialized technique using hand tools specifically designed to apply pressure to the backside of certain areas to remove surface imperfections. Sometimes repairs may be performed by bonding a “tab” to the exterior of the car and pulling the dent outward. Both techniques may be used depending on the damage and location of the dents.

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Dent Removal Now Damage Repair Process

Our process eliminates the need to replace or refinish the impacted panels, while restoring your vehicle’s Pre-Storm condition. The method we use called “Dent Removal Now” is green-friendly and uses no toxic substances, paint, or chemicals.

"Thank you Robert for making the process of repairing the hail damage to my truck easy and stress free! Not only did you take care of my vehicle you took care of my friends and coworkers! Precision PDR was very professional and exceeded all my expectations! I highly recommend Precision PDR to anyone who has had the unfortunate experience of damage caused to their vehicle from hail! Thanks again!" -Craig Lowe
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When Can Paintless Dent Repair Be Used?

The paintless dent removal service is typically performed when hail damage or similar dents, that occur without compromising the finish of the panel to efficiently repair the affected dent areas.

In order to repair vehicles using the PDR process we require the ability to access the backside of each dent. Some technicians may use drills, but this is not a good idea. Don’t worry we won’t use a drill! Our dent repair team always massages the dent outward from the backside using a specialized technique, and personal hand tools designed for dent removal.

Precision PDR's Dent Removal Now Lifetime Guarantee

"Many companies often send out response teams to heavily hit storm zones, but not everyone has 100% satisfied customers.

The Dent Removal Now Promise To You

Your insurance rates will not go up from hail damage!
Most insurance companies will help repair your car dents from hail if you have full coverage insurance.
We are authorized to perform the PDR repairs and report to your insurance company for you.
We offer up to $500 deductible assistance on your insurance comprehensive claims.
All service comes with a life-time guarantee!
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