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To DIY Dent Repair or Not to DIY Dent Repair?

The question remains, can an amateur remove car dents easily?

"OKLAHOMA CITY - Recent severe weather caused widespread damage across the metro. Roof damage and busted car windows can cost thousands to repair, but what about those hail dents in the body of your car?"

If you're like thousands of other Oklahomans who suffered hail damage from the recent storm, you might have thought to yourself. Can you save a few bucks on repairs? Well we decided to find out if there are really any cheap and effective do it yourself repair methods.

"Some people say skip the body shop all together. But is that a good idea?"

After years in the industry we weren't expecting much... Lets see the results!

"It turns out the dent is still there."

That's what we figured...

"Eight-minutes later and the "Pops-a-dent" is ready. It popped, but the dent is still there."

A lot of these DIY dent repair tricks are myths.

"We couldn't get any of these methods to work, but several of our viewers told us on Facebook it can work."

Yes, if you have some experience with auto body repair, and you have a natural born talen, or some honest to God dent removal experience, you may stand a chance at some of these techniques. We don't recommend trying them at home, because you can just make matter worse. If you damage the dent further it's possible insurance won't cover the damage as a result of hail.

"Some of these techniques might work better on bigger dents, so feel free to try them. But judging by the amount of dents this recent hail storm left behind, it might just be worth it to take it to the body shop."

That's what News 9 Said. Read more by clicking here for the complete DIY dent removal article.


DIY Dent Repair DIY Dent Repair Kosher?

Some of us non-auto-savvy folk have tried dent repair ...

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Free Paintless Dent Repair Removal Estimates Free Hail Damage Repair Estimates

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  • Life-time warranty on all dent repairs
  • Save up to $500 on your deductibile
  • We just might be your best dent friend
  • Paintless dent removal is green friendly
  • Less time and cost of local dealerships
  • 1000's of dents removed 0 scratches left
  • No worry of insurance rate increase


  • Thank you so much for repairing my car!! It was beat to hail and now it looks brand new!! Also, Thank you for going the extra mile in taking care of all the arrangements with my insurance and helping me get my rental car. You guys are the best!! :) Rebecca Russell
  • Thank you Robert for making the process of repairing the hail damage to my truck easy and stress free! Not only did you take care of my vehicle you took care of my friends and coworkers! Precision PDR was very professional and exceeded all my expectations! I highly recommend Precision PDR to anyone who has had the unfortunate experience of damage caused to their vehicle from hail! Thanks again! Craig Lowe
  • Precision PDR did an amazing job! I thought I was going to have to wait months to get my car fixed due to the busy hail season but these guys were able to get my car in fast. They handled everything with my insurance provider which was wonderful! Got my car back and it looks great! I couldn't have asked for a better job. Delayne Pardew
  • Outstanding job!! I would recommend you to everyone I know. Larry Kalwei
  • Thank you!! My car looks better than it did when we bought it!!! I highly recommend Precision PDR. Sarah Woods
  • Simple dent removal and repair process. Great customer service. Incredible price. They're the best dent repair service in the neighborhood! Abraham LaBonte
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